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Our Man Dan!

Posted on Jan 18, 2013

Please join us in welcoming our newest employee and “pFriem Family member”

Head Brewer Dan Peterson!

Dan joins us with a deep back round in brewing and love for craft beer.


Our man Dan was born & raised in Vermont.  A science fanatic from a young age, he studied Microbiology & Molecular Genetics at the University of Vermont. Dan quickly found himself post college geeking out with other scientists using his skills in the cancer research field.  Dan’s career path took an interesting turn when his wife Jennifer was working at Magic Hat Brewing Co. as a sales administrator.  A few of Jen’s Magic Hat co-workers gave Dan his first home brew kit for his birthday that year.  Dan got his feet wet as a homebrewer and started brewing up a storm in a cooperative art space in Vermont.  He was hooked instantly and like many other craft brewing stories of our era…he left his job in cancer research and took the plunge into a professional brewing career after he secured a job with Magic Hat Brewing Co.

Following Magic Hat, Dan landed a job brewing at Brooklyn Brewing Co. while his wife attended the French Culinary Institute in NYC (Jen’s a Pastry Chef).  In his time at Brooklyn Brewing, Dan helped build their lab and barrel aging program.  He was a major component with the Brooklyn Brewing team in building, managing and implementing the secondary fermentation bottling program a.k.a Big Bottles at Brooklyn Brewing.  Working on bottled beers such as the Brooklyn Local series 1 & 2 and Brooklyner-Schneider Hopfen-Weisse .  These bottled beers have won several awards over the years.

Quote from Garrett Oliver Brewmaster of Brooklyn Brewing: “You helped make Brooklyn Brewery what it is today, and we’re super proud of you!

…from a recent comment on our pFriem Facebook site.

Years later despite an amazing brewing job – raising two babies in a concrete jungle, squeezed inside a TINY 360 sq ft Manhattan apartment…they had their challenges with big city life.  Dan was burnt out from fighting traffic and taxis on his daily bike commute; even to do one of the things he loved most: Brew Belgian Beers.  Listening to their yearning to stretch their legs (literally) and escape the hustle and bustle of NYC, Dan looked towards the West Coast.  Dan secured a job on the brew crew with Full Sail Brewing, so they packed their bags and headed to Hood River with their two baby boys in tow.


You can read more about Dan’s journey to the west coast and the Belgian IPA he brewed for his turn in the Full Sail Brewer’s Share here:  “de Famile Man” 

Picture by Full Sail Brewing


Picture by Full Sail Brewing


While working at Full Sail, Josh and Dan got to know each other spending many hours on the brew deck…whether it be 3:45 A.M. or 3:45 P.M….talking about their love and passion for Belgian beer and brewing!

Josh and Dan not only share beer and brewing in common, but a deep love for the mountains and their families. The Dan and his family are apart of the same Co-ooperative Preschool that co-founder Ken Whiteman and Josh Pfriem’s family’s participate in.  Now just in case you were wondering by now…there is more than ONE preschool in Hood River!

Call it chance, call it coincidence…or call it pFriem Family Brewers!

Either way, please join us in giving Dan Peterson a warm welcome to pFriem…










Ski, Sip and Chill at Oregon’s Hood River!

Posted on Jan 14, 2013



The Seattle Times

Ski, Sip and Chill at Oregon’s Hood River

The Columbia River Gorge town famed for windsurfing can be a winter wonderland, too.

by Brian J. Cantwell ~ Photos by Mike Siegel

“HOOD RIVER, Ore. — This town full of extreme-sports nuts owes its late-20th century renaissance to windsurfing and other water sports — things you might think of in summer.  Add four craft breweries and you get a town of sports nuts and beer nuts.When word got out that you could also ski or snowboard pretty much year-round on nearby Mount Hood, snow nuts came, too.  With cozy brew pubs, good restaurants and a walkable downtown that festoons itself in lights well beyond the holidays, Hood River — whose front yard is the Columbia River — is growing a reputation as a getaway for winter as well as summer.”








To read the full article from The Seattle Times on the numerous activities our “Winter Wonderland” has to offer click: HERE


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