Proudly Crafted

Posted on Jun 25, 2012

Going through the process of getting the doors of pFriem Family Brewers open has been an exhausting, but amazing process.  pFriem Family Brewers is housed inside a killer building that grants us one amazing view of the Columbia River and a pretty ideal location across the street from the waterfront park.

These factors have influenced our tasting room and keeping in step with the beer, building and location….our goal has been quality.  Though we are a beer focused company, there is so much value in joining our friends and family together in community and building a place were they can come experience some pFriem beer and a tasty bite to eat.

While Josh has been running around like crazy getting the brewery set up and beers ready to be flowing….Ken has been working equally as hard to craft together the Tasting Room.  By “craft”, we really mean “craft”.  Ken has designed, orchestrated and built all of our chairs, barstools, tables, bar and bar back by hand! While Ken has had a little help here and there with odds & ends….in general, it has been Ken down at the brewery late into the night working on piecing together all these unique elements.

Here’s a glimpse into this aspect of the journey….

Ken cutting metal for the chairs

The beginning of our chairs…

Truck load of reclaimed barn wood being delivered

Table legs: reclaimed barn wood beams

Barnwood seats waiting for their metal frames

Table Tops

Meet Bruce: our barn wood guy.  The long of the short….he finds old barns, dissembles them and takes the planks of wood that most people would assume would only be good for firewood…and turns them into works of art.  We were so excited to find Bruce and the amazing work he produces.  Stay tuned, as there will be more on him and the many other talented artists we have encountered in this project.

Community Table benches coming to life…

Barn wood frame for our keg cooler in the making…

The bar being constructed…

There has been a fair share of not so glamorous jobs around the brewery, but when you are building a brewery you do what you gotta do, especially if you need to save money!  Staining the floors was definitley one of them. Ken and Rudy rocked it and spent almost a full week cleaning, prepping and staining our concrete floors….and oh, can I just say they turned out quite BEAUTIFUL!

View from the Community Table

We still have quite a bit of finishing details to complete, along with hiring kitchen & tasting room staff….but we are getting a little closer every day to opening our doors.  Thanks for your patience.  We can’t wait til the work is done and we can finally pull up a chair and share a brew and bite to eat….

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  1. July 18, 2012 at 2:09 pm, Zacrilege said:

    So cool to see dreams come to life. Cheers!


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