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Meetings, Meetings & more Meetings!!

Posted on Mar 22, 2012

Well, it’s been a little while since we have written an update on the Brewery building progress, mostly because it seems like every time one of us turns around we are in another meeting!   There is so much to get done over the next several months before we release our beer and open our tasting room doors!

We are currently working to solidify our brand.  We have shared a little of that process with the B&W Pfriem and pF on the homepage for Pfriem Beer.  Forming our brand has been a time consuming, but awesome process for us and we think our beer drinkers will really like the end product.  Stay tuned we are excited to share this sooner than later!

The office we are working out of is also packed to the gill with samples galore: glassware, bottling line equipment pieces, label samples, tap handles, bottles, floor plans, corks, hoods, drafts of this & that, tee-shirts, hats…I’m sure I could name a handful more.  All of these samples have hours of emails and meetings wrapped around them.  Don’t get me wrong it’s fun, I mean we are opening a brewery, right?  At times it’s a bit dizzying to say the least.  Keeping everything that needs to happen in order and…oh wait, have I mentioned before – we ALL have miniatures under the age of six, therefore none of us are getting our optimal 8 hours, but who can sleep anyhow when there is a brewery that needs to be built!

All that to say, it’s busy but beautiful these days around Pfriem Brewing.  Dreams are unfolding before our very eyes, so let me share a few pictures to help you join in our journey…

Cheers,                                                                                                                            Pfriem Family Brewers

Fun in the Beer Truck!

The beginning of our many walls…

The mezzanine’s wall


Brewmama working on food testing for the tasting room!

Grain elevator

Looking up towards the mezzanine

Future Barrel Room

The “Boom” with 4X4…hands down the favorite “digger” in the brewery right now!

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