Breaking Ground

Posted on Feb 29, 2012
Well folks, it’s been a busy and exciting week at Pfriem Brewing!

Digging up the Brewery floor

As Josh stated in our last Blog entry, they finished up the glycol lines just in the nick of time!  On President’s Day they started cutting the floor, which quickly turned into a major digging session!  Our awesome contractor Jared has spent the last week and a half breaking, digging and moving cement rubble out of the fermentation area of the brewery.

Dump truck hauling away cement rumble

Meanwhile, the rest of us plugged away at our never ending to-do lists.  We still have so much more to do over the next few months before opening.  I have to say though, it’s fun to finally be at the construction stage of this project!

More digging…

Once all the rumble is cleared, Jared and his crew will begin the process of laying cement slanted floors in this area.  Josh and our future brewers will surely appreciate all the effort that is being put into our slanted floors.  No brewer likes to stand around in big puddles of water…

Almost cleared…

The beginning of our stairs to the mezzanine

Finished glycol lines

A two year old boy in deep contemplation: “To be a Brewer or a Digger Driver??” …that’s the real question!



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