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The Meaning of Pfriem

Posted on Feb 03, 2012

So what does “Pfriem” mean anyhow?

Several people have been asking this question since announcing the name of our Brewery. It’s easy for friends and family to understand why “Pfriem Brewing” makes perfect sense as a name for Josh’s beer, but I’m sure that there are a number of folks out there in the beer world pondering this name selection…

Maybe it comes off a little confusing or hard to pronounce, naturally leaving you with a question circulating in your mind – Why not choose an easier, more familiar name, or at least something simpler to pronounce?

Well, let us do a little explaining…

In an era before software, pocket calculators, or algorithms people used their hands, their muscles, and old-fashioned ingenuity to create the things they cherished. When they become skilled enough to sell their wares they earned the rarefied title of craftsman. Because not just anyone could engineer a vacuuming device, craft a perfect guitar or assemble a motor vehicle, they put their names on them. Names like Hoover, or Gibson, or Ford, but they were more than just names – they were seals of approval and guarantees that the founder stood behind each product he produced.

There is a part of Josh Pfriem in every glass of Pfriem Beer he produces, and like the names of other company founders, Pfriem stands for something – a system of values, a way of life and a code for living.

What does Pfriem stand for?

Well, we’re glad you asked…

The “P” is for Positivity. Josh Pfriem sees life as a series of trials and tribulations that is often defined by one’s ability to bounce back. At Pfriem Brewing, a glass half empty is far superior to no glass at all, and an empty glass is one that’s asking for a refill.

The “F” is for Family. Josh Pfriem’s family is what gives his life and his beer purpose. Without Josh’s two budding children and his lovely wife (Josh made me write that), there would be no “F” in Pfriem.

The “R” is for Reference. Josh Pfriem stands in awe of the great brewing traditions of Belgium, but balances that carefully with a deep respect for his own true roots and traditions – Homegrown in the Pacific Northwest.

The “I” is for Innovation. Josh Pfriem will never stop trying to improve his beer, and he’ll never stop experimenting, as long as he has willing guinea pigs to taste and test his beer.

The “E” is for environment. Josh Pfriem utilizes only the highest quality ingredients and sustainable practices to protect the region he loves so dearly. This practice has nothing to do with gimmicks or marketing, but is a commitment Josh holds close to his heart.

The “M” is for Mastery. Pfriem’s Promise: To brew amazing artisanal beers, rife with bold complexity and floral elegance, and to slave over his beers like symphonies of flavor and balance, until they are the best the world has to offer.

This is what PFRIEM stands for.

Now say it with me please…





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