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Breaking Ground

Posted on Feb 29, 2012
Well folks, it’s been a busy and exciting week at Pfriem Brewing!

Digging up the Brewery floor

As Josh stated in our last Blog entry, they finished up the glycol lines just in the nick of time!  On President’s Day they started cutting the floor, which quickly turned into a major digging session!  Our awesome contractor Jared has spent the last week and a half breaking, digging and moving cement rubble out of the fermentation area of the brewery.

Dump truck hauling away cement rumble

Meanwhile, the rest of us plugged away at our never ending to-do lists.  We still have so much more to do over the next few months before opening.  I have to say though, it’s fun to finally be at the construction stage of this project!

More digging…

Once all the rumble is cleared, Jared and his crew will begin the process of laying cement slanted floors in this area.  Josh and our future brewers will surely appreciate all the effort that is being put into our slanted floors.  No brewer likes to stand around in big puddles of water…

Almost cleared…

The beginning of our stairs to the mezzanine

Finished glycol lines

A two year old boy in deep contemplation: “To be a Brewer or a Digger Driver??” …that’s the real question!



Moving Foward!

Posted on Feb 22, 2012

Wow, what a whirlwind of a last week!  Over the last couple of months we have been working with multiple agencies and bureaucracies that all have to come together for us to move forward so we can get closer to brewing beer.  We have now worked through a site plan review with the city for our location and we have been given the go ahead by The Port of Hood River and The City of Hood River for the building of our brewery and tasting room!  We have also been notified by the State Government (OLCC) and the Federal Government (TTB) that we are approved to produce and sell beer!

Once we received all this amazing news, Ken and I spent all last week and weekend hanging our Glycol lines!  Just in time, as we needed to finish this project before our contractor started cutting the concrete on Monday!  As we were wrapping up the lines, the concrete was being cut, I felt like a giddy little boy with all the excitement!

We are over most the major hurdles that could keep Pfriem Brewing from moving forward!



Kid Jobs at the Brewery

Posted on Feb 07, 2012


A few weeks ago the Brewery bought a couple larger items for hauling our beer around. I think for most breweries the purchase of a used beer truck and refurbished forklift wouldn’t be a highlight of their brewery building experience, but at Pfriem Brewing Company it’s another story.

Given the fact we tow along our kids on most any beer adventure that they can legally partake in…beer and not just beer but craft beer, is commonplace around the Pfriem house. Since the day both Pfriem kids were born they have been immersed in this fun and crazy culture of the craft beer industry.

Just when I was starting to think they were getting bored of it all…

Daddy-o brought home the Beer Truck. Currently parked outside our house (sorry neighbors), it is the current obsession of our 2 yr old son, Watou.

Watou can’t get enough of it. Constantly asking to see Daddy-o’s Beer Truck from the windows through out the house, several times a day. Tantrums are thrown over this adored object. I can hear Watou whispering to himself in bed about this beloved possession. There are now “beer trucks” in all those truck books we have been reading him the last few months. Quite possibly my favorite; driving around town and a similar “beer truck” goes zooming by and with his gruff little toddler voice Watou screams out from the backseat “Maama! Louuok Daddy-o’s Beeeeer Truuuccck”! Wow, I always thought it was the beer in the truck not the “beer truck” that had the ability to get someone stoked. Obviously, I have different priorities than my toddler.

I have to say, my kids took it to another level the other night. We were having dinner and Josh & I started talking about different jobs at the brewery. Next thing we knew the kids were spouting off their own “Brewery Jobs”.

Watch and see for yourself:

Kid jobs at the Brewery from Annie Pfriem on Vimeo.

The Meaning of Pfriem

Posted on Feb 03, 2012

So what does “Pfriem” mean anyhow?

Several people have been asking this question since announcing the name of our Brewery. It’s easy for friends and family to understand why “Pfriem Brewing” makes perfect sense as a name for Josh’s beer, but I’m sure that there are a number of folks out there in the beer world pondering this name selection…

Maybe it comes off a little confusing or hard to pronounce, naturally leaving you with a question circulating in your mind – Why not choose an easier, more familiar name, or at least something simpler to pronounce?

Well, let us do a little explaining…

In an era before software, pocket calculators, or algorithms people used their hands, their muscles, and old-fashioned ingenuity to create the things they cherished. When they become skilled enough to sell their wares they earned the rarefied title of craftsman. Because not just anyone could engineer a vacuuming device, craft a perfect guitar or assemble a motor vehicle, they put their names on them. Names like Hoover, or Gibson, or Ford, but they were more than just names – they were seals of approval and guarantees that the founder stood behind each product he produced.

There is a part of Josh Pfriem in every glass of Pfriem Beer he produces, and like the names of other company founders, Pfriem stands for something – a system of values, a way of life and a code for living.

What does Pfriem stand for?

Well, we’re glad you asked…

The “P” is for Positivity. Josh Pfriem sees life as a series of trials and tribulations that is often defined by one’s ability to bounce back. At Pfriem Brewing, a glass half empty is far superior to no glass at all, and an empty glass is one that’s asking for a refill.

The “F” is for Family. Josh Pfriem’s family is what gives his life and his beer purpose. Without Josh’s two budding children and his lovely wife (Josh made me write that), there would be no “F” in Pfriem.

The “R” is for Reference. Josh Pfriem stands in awe of the great brewing traditions of Belgium, but balances that carefully with a deep respect for his own true roots and traditions – Homegrown in the Pacific Northwest.

The “I” is for Innovation. Josh Pfriem will never stop trying to improve his beer, and he’ll never stop experimenting, as long as he has willing guinea pigs to taste and test his beer.

The “E” is for environment. Josh Pfriem utilizes only the highest quality ingredients and sustainable practices to protect the region he loves so dearly. This practice has nothing to do with gimmicks or marketing, but is a commitment Josh holds close to his heart.

The “M” is for Mastery. Pfriem’s Promise: To brew amazing artisanal beers, rife with bold complexity and floral elegance, and to slave over his beers like symphonies of flavor and balance, until they are the best the world has to offer.

This is what PFRIEM stands for.

Now say it with me please…





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