Pursuing a Dream

Posted on Dec 04, 2011

When I brewed my first batch of beer over a decade ago, I instantly knew that I wanted to be a Brew Master and have my own Brewery. The dream is one that has been balanced by family, friends, mountains, and beer. In the pursuit of these beautiful things, it has given me a great desire and passion to brew beer that is worthy of such ideals. The pursuit of beer and the good life has taught me many lessons, such as humbleness, patience, and a hard work ethic with the hope that the end goal will be something really great. This dream has taken me to work at three totally different, yet amazing breweries with many incredible brewers. Pursing this dream has also taken me to Belgium, a country engulfed in rich brewing traditions, to study some of the finest beer in the world.  Now, this wild dream has landed me in beautiful Hood River, Oregon where mountains, water, family and beer are king! It has also allowed me to join with Ken and Rudy to try and create something incredible that you will love. Since at the end of the day, brewing beer has never been my dream; my dream has always been to surround myself with wonderful people doing beautiful things. Hopefully you will love my beer, as much as I love brewing it for you.

Cheers to adventure and the pursuit of dreams!

Josh Pfriem

Brew Master

Pfriem Brewing Company

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