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Posted on Oct 13, 2011

Picking a location is one of the toughest challenges with starting a brewery.  First off, we’re starting a brewery, not a brew pub.  We need some good light industrial space with space for a nice tasting room where people can come and experience our beer.  We want a location that highlights the beautiful place we live (Hood River, OR).  We also want our location to highlight our commitment to sustainability and the environment.  As our founders all are parents of small children, we also want our business to be family friendly.  We consider ourselves very fortunate in that we found a building that is a great fit for us right out of the gate.  The location is a little higher than what we had originally budgeted for space, but we feel that it is worth the extra cost.

Halyard Building

The Halyard Building is owned by the Port of Hood River and was built in 2009/2010 right on the Hood River waterfront.  It is a great area that attracts families and outdoor enthusiasts alike. It’s located across from Waterfront Park, a location that attracts locals and visitors alike.  The building is attractively designed and is LEED Platinum certified.  From the rainwater collection system that is used to irrigate the vegetation around the building, to the natural lighting, to locally sourced materials, to the solar panels on the roof, the Halyard building aligns with our desire to create a local and sustainable company.

We’ve submitted a proposal to the Port and are working our way through the process of getting the lease.  The Port commission meets every other week, so we’re worried that this could take some time to work through.  Fortunately the Port has been gracious about getting an architect to scope out the required building modifications before the next commission meeting to help speed things up.  We’re really excited and hopeful that this will all work out and we’ll have the building as of March 1st.

This is the unfinished interior.  There’s a lot of work to be done, but it’s a great canvas to start from.

Halyard interior


Here is the view from the font of the building:


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